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20th March 2009

Looking forward to having you over tonight, hope you are having a great day!

18th April 2008

7:49am: Holy Tremors, Batman!
Actually I slept through it.

30th October 2007

2:26am: Okay!
2:25am: Cool!

11th October 2007

9:28pm: Nothing like stating the obvious!
<td align="center">

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9:24pm: Thanks Brandy! Here ya go Drew..... = )
Bonnie --

A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult
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5th October 2007

10:37pm: What Do You Have To Say? - Two Tickets to Paradise
If you won two free round-trip plane tickets anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you bring?

Hey what is with the round trip? Who says I have to come back??? Actually I would go over to Indonesia to visit my son and I would take the first person who asked to go with me!

22nd August 2007

12:23am: hmmmmm
What American accent do you have?
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What American accent do you have?
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23rd July 2007

2:46pm: Sigh.....back from vacation

Phil, mom and the girls the morning Jeremy left.

The kids on the pier at Ludington.

J showing an example of being content where you are at. We heard a crash and a groan as the hammock collapses so he just lays there and starts playing his guitar.

This is what we did for most of the week, it was so relaxing! It would have been perfect if Drew had been with us.
Current Mood: okay

12th July 2007

9:22pm: Hello
I have not posted on here in months. Not that tons of people read it anyway! But we are getting ready to leave tomorrow night for a week of camping. I am too lazy to pack and the girls are gone on a canoe trip so there goes my help! Why do I always wait until the last minute? Think there is s chance that will change?? nahhhh

So Drew is going to watch the dogs for us and save us bundles of money. He also has a very important job interview tomorrow.

It has been nice lately, getting back in touch with some old friends that I have missed dearly. I have even connected with a couple people I graduated with and have not seen for 30 years. OOPS has it been that long since I graduated???

10th March 2006

8:47am: Our precious Chipper died Wednesday. You might say she was "just a dog" but she was the best dog there ever was and was one of my best buds for almost 12 years and I will miss her lots.
Current Mood: melancholy

15th January 2006


Ten Top Trivia Tips about Peanut!

  1. Thirty-five percent of the people who use personal ads for dating are Peanut!

  2. The Eskimos have over fifty words for Peanut.

  3. If every star in the Milky Way was a grain of salt they would fill Peanut!

  4. The Australian billygoat plum contains a hundred times more Vitamin C than Peanut.

  5. Edinburgh imports three thousand kilograms of Peanut every year.

  6. Peanut is the only king without a moustache on the standard pack of cards!

  7. Three seagulls flying overhead are a warning that Peanut is near.

  8. Peanut will always turn right when leaving a cave.

  9. Banging your head against Peanut uses 150 calories an hour.

  10. The moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than Peanut, and 400 times smaller!

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Current Mood: sick

24th September 2005


LJ Interests meme results

  1. brimley:
    Probably my favorite place in the world to camp right on Lake Superior.
  2. collective soul:
    I started liking them when my kids were in school and accidentally "stole" a cd from Drew's frend Josh. I gave it back a couple years ago...
  3. dutch:
  4. hurricane river:
    Another favorite place to be on Lake Superior.
  5. long drives:
    I love "shunpiking"!
  6. northern lights:
    I have only seen them really well a couple times, they are so beautiful, mesmerizing. And you cannot get good pictures of them.
  7. pictured rocks:
    Yet ANOTHER favorite place along Lake Superior by Munising. There are some really cool places there that i think set MI apart from any other state.
  8. seney:
    Ok it is a tiny little four corners town in the Upper Peninsula. I like it because I used to visit my Grandma when she lived there and there is a cool wildlife refuge.
  9. trivia:
    I find it interesting but am not all that good at it. We do have fun playing it at my mom's house and it amazes me how much more my son knows than I do. =P
  10. yoopers:
    The slow, friendly, laid back people of the Upper Peninsula. Call me crazt but I am jealous of them. Oh yeah and they are only friendly until they think you are going to move up there lol.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

1st June 2005

8:30am: Okay trying to get over the pity party and get back into life. I realize I have to be okay so everyone around me will be okay. I hope they also realize they need to be okay for me to be okay. Or something like that.
Current Mood: okay

28th May 2005

5:11am: We were in the fabric store yesterday since I am going to start sewing again so we can have some more summer clothes. Anyway, there is this office type room with a mirror on the door and Amanda runs up to the mirror and is making gross faces and picking a big zit when we realize it is NOT a mirror, it is one of those windows that you can't see in but they can see out.....ahhh I almost peed my pants laughing.
Current Mood: sleepy

12th May 2005

10:33am: Too true to even be funny

Higgs4444 Highway
Bewilderment Avenue6
Family Farm17
Contentment Meadows53
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?

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25th April 2005

6:31am: Long lost son
J called me last night. He is graduating May 7 so wanted to enjoy Oregon's trails and some friends took him hiking/camping over the weekend. HE ALMOST GOT KILLED BY A RATTLESNAKE the went into this cave and there were BATS everywhere. I don't need this!

24th April 2005

8:08pm: I am mean
I was just sitting on the couch with Peanut on my lap and I got bored so I set my cell phone to vibrate and laid it on his back then called it on our house phone. He jumped halfway across the living room and is still acting all heebie-jeebie. What is my problem?
Current Mood: Merh

15th April 2005


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12th April 2005

5:14pm: Do you like my new icon?
It is an actual x-ray of what is happening inside my head....
5:11pm: I did this to prove it was wrong...
I am NOT a drunk but if I were...I might be kinda like this. :pEmotional Drunk
What Kind of Drunk Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey
Current Mood: lazy

4th April 2005

1:26pm: The girls are back, Phil is back, it is spring break. I am sick. 'Tis not quiet around here anymore.

***Rehab is for quitters. (Just thought I'd throw that in there)
Current Mood: lethargic

2nd April 2005

8:35am: Silence
Okay...not total silence but 'tis nice. Phil is in Kentucky with my dad at a truck show trying to act like a redneck and the girls went to their mom's for the first weekend in over a month. SO it is me and the dogs. I like it. I hope I don't just waster the whole weekend being lazy, I really have so much to do. Does anyone want to dogsit for 5 dogs till Sunday night? As if anyone is reading this..haha
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